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I am a Pastor.

one mission

Most pastors are familiar with Scouting in one way or another. Most, however, are shocked to discover the role that they have within the structure of the Scouting program. If your parish sponsors a Scout unit, you, as Pastor, are the "Charter Executive" of that unit. This is far more than just a title. You are the head of the unit. Scouting is a tool that parishes can use to help form young people. The Scout unit exists to further the mission of the parish, not the other way around. The Catholic Committee is here to support you in building and strengthening this relationship

choose wisely

You have an important role in play in shaping the troop and helping it to see how it is related to the mission of your parish. As a parish priest there are many and increasingly greater demands on your time. Within the unit you are represented by the Chartered Organization Representative (COR). This person is responsible for helping to incorporate the troop into the mission of the parish. As such, this position is key when it comes to integrating the Scouting program into the life of the parish. If there is one choice you should discern wisely, it is who will take this role in your Scouting unit. .  

Partners in mission

Scouting, done well, is an incredible asset to your parish community. With a little bit of encouragement and collaboration you can utilize this time tested program and a means of forming young people in your parish. Have questions? We are here to help.

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