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I am a scout.

Achieve your full potential

Scouting helps you to gain many practical skills that will be valuable in life. But even more importantly than teaching you how to do things, Scouting helps to form the person that you become. The experience of Scouting helps to form our character and grow in virtue. When we strive each day to grow in this way we achieve our full potential: becoming the person God created us to be.

Grow in your faith

Catholic Scouts have the opportunity to grow in their faith through the religious emblems program. These are not for the faint of heart. These programs will challenge you to deepen your knowledge and love of Christ and His Church. 

Discover your gifts

One of the best things about Scouting is the opportunity that it gives you to try new things. These experiences help us to discover a great deal about ourselves. As baptized followers of Christ, each of us has been given gifts to help build up the Church and to serve others. Moreover God calls each of us to a particular way of life (a vocation) through which we will strive to become saints. Use your time in Scouting to discover your gifts and to explore how you are called to use them.

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