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I am a scouter.

More than it seems

As a Scouter you are doing far more than teaching young people practical skills, you are forming their character. The lasting impact you can make is beyond what you might imagine. As a Catholic Scouter you realize that you are doing far more than helping to form good citizens, you are developing young people into missionary disciples: followers of Christ who will lead others to Christ. 

Through the Ordinary

As a Catholic Scouter you are doing far more than teaching practical skills you are helping young people to grow to become the people God created them to be. You may wonder how this happens through the work that you do. You may look at your time spent in Scouting and see many hours spent doing seemingly simple things. The impact that you can have goes far beyond what you do, it happens because of the kind of person you are. The ordinary giving of time and talent to help others is a witness to young people and helps them to think about the kind of person they want to be.

You are a youth minister

Scouting in a Catholic context is not like Youth Ministry. It is Youth Ministry. In years past we looked at Youth Ministry as belonging to CYO or going to "Youth Group". But the truth is there are many groups of youth in the parish. Scouting is one such group. The work that you do, therefore, is youth ministry. You are helping youth people to achieve their full potential as human beings. Scouting is just the means that you are using to achieve that goal. 

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