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Our Vision

"Help Scouts to achieve their full potential as human beings."

Our Mission

Scouting is an educational method that uses hands on experiences to form young people into women and men of character who will be leaders in our society. The Catholic Committee seeks to utilize the tested method of Scouting to form missionary disciples in our local Church. We achieve this goal by supporting the work of Catholic units, offering formation to Catholic youth, and sponsoring programs that help Scouts to grow in their relationship with Christ through Scouting.

Scouting in the Catholic Church

There was a debate early in the history of the Scouting movement as whether or not it should have the support of the Catholic Church. Many leaders in the Church feared that if Catholic youth were to become involved in this movement it would lead them away from their faith or replace the programs that the Church offered for the formation of young people.


At that time a French Jesuit priest, Fr. Jacques Sevin, began to explore whether there would be a way that the Church and Scouting could form a partnership. What he realized was that while Scouting placed an emphasis on Duty to God it was not a religious program. What Scouting offered was an educational method. He believed that this method could be well used by the Church in its work of seeking to form young people as followers of Christ.

Today the same is true. Over the past 100 years a variety of programs have emerged as part of the Scouting movement. This movement has provided a method based on practical experience, peer leadership, and teamwork that helps to form young people as leaders within our society. The goal of the Catholic Committee on Scouting is to provide support to those involved in Scouting who would like to grow in their Catholic faith as well as to provide formation for those who work in Catholic sponsored units on the ways in which their work as Scouters is a form of Youth Ministry.

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